Looking for a Solid Glove for a Young Player… That wont break the bank! 

Today we’re going to talk about getting a quality infield glove for youth baseball players. There are tons of options out there, so we just want to break down a few options that won’t break the bank, and will last for several years as your player grows. Usually when you purchase a glove you get what you pay for… If you find a glove that is $30-$50 it probably wont last long. A solid glove for a player starting out can usually be found for around $100. It sounds crazy but that’s pretty cheap considering top of the line gloves can be up to $350!! 

Rawlings Gloves 

Rawlings is one of the most respected glove manufacturers in the world, so when shopping for a glove that is a good place to start. The Rawlings R9 Series gloves are a great glove around $100! These gloves come pre-broke in so they have some flexibility for a young player to put right into play without having to try and break it in! A good size glove for a young player (6-12) would be 11 1/4 inch to 11 3/4 inch. These gloves will stand the test of time, so you can play with this glove for years

Another solid Rawlings glove is the XLE Gamer Series! These gloves are typically $115 and the difference is the color schemes and overall look. They are the same pre-broke in glove but they have different color combinations and different looks that set them apart. I personally like these more and think that they are worth spending the extra $15-$20! These gloves have character with all of the different color schemes. Sometimes you can find colors that match your teams colors, which is really cool for a young player! Again, this is a really solid glove for a young player


Another top glove manufacturer is Mizuno. They are also a great choice when looking for a sloid glove that will be easy on the wallet and stand the test of time! Mizuno offers the MVP Prime Series at around $100. This is an excellent glove for a young player getting started. It will come pre-broke in so you can take it off the shelf directly to a game or practice! Again, a good size is 11 1/4 inch to 11 3/4 inch for younger players! 

Mizuno also offers the MVP Prime SE Series. This glove comes is different color schemes so the price is slightly higher around $120. Again, it comes down to personal preference when choosing between the two gloves. I personally like the different color schemes, just because it shows a little bit of the players personality! Both gloves are a solid start for any baseball player!

Where Can I Find These Gloves

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