Baseball Bat Breakdown

Today were going to breakdown youth baseball bats…Giving you a little guide not only as to what is legal but also what sizes and weight you should be using. Of course there are new bats every year that cost $300-$450, but that’s not what we’re trying to tell you that you need… We want to breakdown affordable bats that will get the job done!! At the end of the day it’s the batter, not the bat, that makes the hitter successful. We’ll also give you an idea of a few hitting/training aids that will help your player become the hitter he wats to be! Again, it’s all about the effort that the player puts in off the field that gets the results you want!! 

Rules and Regulations

In youth baseball there are USSSA rules and there are USA Baseball rules. Obviously we recommend that you check with your coach or tournament director to ensure you are using the correct equipment. Both USSSA and USA Baseball have stamps on approved bats to be used in their tournaments and league play. These stamps are located on the bat near the grip and have to be on the bats to be legal for use in their tournaments 

USSSA basically says up to 13u you can use any bat that is 2 3/4″ inch barrel with any weight drop. When you get to 14u the bat can’t be lighter than a -5 weight ratio, meaning a 30 inch bat would have to weigh 25 ounces or more. All bats for 15U to 18U must conform to the National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS) bat standards including a length to weight ratio no greater than negative three (-3) ounces. These bats must be permanently stamped with the BBCOR.50 Certified Mark or made of wood. The use of USA Bats is allowed in USSSA sanctioned events at this time, but obviously you need to check with your coach or tournament director if you have any doubt or questions about your particular bats

USA Baseball basically says up to 12u any weight to length ratio may be used, but no bat can be longer than 32 inch, and can’t have a barrel larger than 2 5/8″ . 13u/14u can be up to 34 inch with any length to weight ratio, and can’t have a barrel larger than 2 5/8″. 15u/16u no longer than 34 inches, any BBCOR -3 bat or any solid (one piece) wood bat or NFHS approved BBCOR wood barrel baseball bat. 

Solid Bats for Under $150

When looking for a new bat for your player you can easily spend $300+, but that’s not necessary!! If you are willing to get the 2018 models you can get more than $200 off!!! Ya it’s nice if you can, and want to, afford a $350 bat every season but most people are on a budget of some kind… and this is a great way to get a solid bat for your player under $150. I don’t know about you but that sounds good to me!! A few of the most solid brands out there are Louisville Slugger, DeMarini, Easton, & Rawlings. Honestly they all have solid products backed by warranties in case they do not hold up to a season of play. Check out a few options I have selected below to check out!!

Must Have Training Aids 

Every player should have some training aids at home if they want to get the results on the field. You don’t need your own personal cage or high dollar pitching machine… You will need some limited flight balls like whiffle balls or heavy balls though. You will also need a pop-up net or soft toss net, and a solid batting tee. These items could cost $50-$200 but they are one-time purchase items and will last as long as your player is playing. MLB players use tee’s and nets every day, so don’t for one second think that you are past putting in the work on a tee!! Below are a few options for you!!