Perfect Game Midwest is a new tournament host in the Midwest that provides an awesome tournament for players of All Ages!! They are a branch off the Perfect Game Tree that has a great reputation for hosting Elite HS Showcase events around the country, attended by MLB stars like Eric Hosmer, Mike Trout, and Buster Posey to name a few

Perfect Game Midwest’s goal is to offer the highest quality of baseball tournaments possible, on the best baseball fields available, while making each tournament memorable for every player, coach, and fan. We are committed to the development and growth of the game of baseball, while instilling the ideals of good sportsmanship and personal integrity while offering the highest level of competition at all of our tournaments.

Exposure Playing the Highest Level of Competition 

  • Perfect Game Midwest offers very competitive tournaments throughout the Midwest with some of the biggest names in the Region
  • Start to get exposure now!! Perfect game has helped more kids reach the goal of playing professional baseball than any other organization in the world.
  • Perfect Game has the largest scouting department in all of amateur baseball.
  • The PG database and scouting reports, as well as the PG player rankings, have been proven to be a valuable resource for all College Coaches and MLB scouts. Perfect Game is well connected in the media, especially with MLB Advanced Media.

Fall Tournaments

All of the Fall tournaments are awesome events starting with the Super 25 Qualifier played at Bettis Park in Topeka, on their wonderful All-Turf Fields!!! The Fall National Championship will be a very competitive event that will have some of the top notch teams and talent in the Midwest!! But the #1 Tournament of the Fall will be the Fall Wood Bat Championship “Honoring Caleb Schwab” 

Caleb Schwab and the #CanIGoPlay charity

The father and mother of Caleb Schwab founded a non-profit foundation called #CanIGoPlay. The history behind the phrase comes from the question their son would ask so often all summer long around 10 am. He was not allowed to go play until all his chores were done, which was normally around 10 am.

The other side of the thought of the phrase came when their son Caleb tied out for a few club soccer teams. When the parents saw the price tag, the decision came pretty easy…Caleb was going to play with a recreation team again and not a show-case team as they had hoped.

The #CanIGoPlay Foundation hopes to provide a “Yes” answer to those children who want to play club sports, but who’s parents may not have the means to afford giving their child such an opportunity. The foundation does have a unique style however. Rather than club coaches handing scholarship applications for the foundation for parents to fill out in hopes they get aid, the coaches themselves will have to apply on behalf of the player. This way the dollars go to players who truly have a talent and opportunity to play competitive sports in a very targeted fashion.

Tournament Prizes

Instead of the same old trophies, rings, or medals Perfect Game Midwest gives away actual prizes!! Perfect Game Midwest gave away over $20K worth of gloves at our 2017 Spring Championship tournament!!! Winning isn’t everything so there are additional outstanding Rawlings packages awarded… At least 1 package is given out at each event. Winners are chosen by the Perfect Game Midwest staff based on the following criteria: defense, offense, sportsmanship, and effort.

Perfect Game Midwest Daily Awesome Images

One of the ways PG Midwest makes your experience memorable is to hire a professional photographer to catch game-action photos to post on social media and the website!! The best of the best are edited and posted for the world to see. Check out the latest gallery on the website and Facebook







We hope that you check out Perfect game Midwest and especially the Caleb Schwab #CanIGoPlay Tournament this Fall!! PG Midwest is a great tournament host that will leave you wanting to come back for another weekend.