Indoor Training Facilities 

Today we are going to take a look at Indoor Training Facilities… What to expect and how to know you are choosing the right one for YOU!! In youth baseball Indoor Training Facilities are the life blood of the sport. There is one on just about every corner in each metro area. These facilities are usually owner operated by former college and professional baseball players!! They provide a great environment for kids of all ages to learn and grow their game. Youth Metro Baseball lists all of the Indoor Training Facilities in each metro are in MO, KS , OK, AR, TN, KY, IL, IA, & NE. 

Check Out The Facilities In Your Area

What They Have to Offer

Each facility is different in what they have to offer each player, but they all have the same basics… All of these facilities start with cages and bullpens. Those are the basics when it comes to baseball training, and that’s what these places are all about…Training Players!! The next level of a facility would be an indoor fielding/training area… There are smaller facilities that are less than 10,000 sq. ft. so the fielding area isn’t a full size infield, but you don’t NEED that to get better at fielding as most drills can be done in smaller areas. On the other hand there are facilities that are absolutely humongous(up to 50,000 sq. ft.) and have full size major league turf fields in them. Obviously those facilities can do just about anything they want, including full team practices and even simulated games. Something that is becoming more and more popular is the access to speed & strength training within the facility. Not only can your player get swings, in, bullpens in, and fielding in… they can begin to workout and strength train with professionals!! After mentioning these things you can see why I would consider these locations as the lifeblood of youth baseball!! 

Club Teams

Some of the Indoor Facilities have teams associated with them that play a full competitive schedule. The idea is to create a community of players that use the facility and wear the uniforms that represent the facility! These teams can vary depending on the facility… Some of them are ultra competitive and require the players to tryout, and not every kid makes the team. While other places simply allow any team to become a “Club Team” simply by agreeing to use the facility and buy the uniforms from them. Typically ages 8-14 anyone can become a club team, as long as they agree to use the facility, each player takes a certain amount of lessons, and buys the club gear/uniforms. Once the players reach high school, or 15 years old, they clubs ramp it up as this is the age that the HS Showcase begins. These teams are no doubt tryout or “select” teams. The costs of these teams can be very high, as the lessons, strength training, and traveling tournament expenses get very high after a full-season. Make sure that you do your research before choosing a team, because cost a lot of money and you want to make sure you are getting what you expect!! These traveling Showcase Teams are baseball once you become HS age, or 15 years old! 

Memberships and Costs

The costs for usage of these facilities obviously varies at each location, but we can get you an idea of what to expect. Most facilities offer a monthly membership that will include usage of the hitting tunnels, bullpens, and any other fielding or workout areas the facility might have. Sometimes there are limitations on the times allowed or amount of usage. Sometimes the memberships are a part of the teams fees if they are a “club team”. Most memberships are $40/month up to $150+/month depending on the level of membership and facility you choose. Private lessons/instruction usually starts around $40 per lesson but can be as much as $80 per lesson of the instructor is a high level professional with extensive experience!! If you are a member these fees are typically reduced to entice both the purchase of the membership and also members getting private instruction. Lessons are a great idea for players of all ages, especially young players just starting out. It gets you started out with a solid base of fundamentals and shows the player what it takes to work hard at something. You can also take the drills from the lesson and begin to work at home!! $150+/month

Wrap It Up

I hope that this post has shed some light on what is out there for you and your players as they progress through the game!! While these facilities do cost money they have so many benefits that I believe the costs are worth it. They provide a place where kids can go and begin to learn what it takes to succeed, not only at baseball but in life!! They learn how to set goals and work hard to reach them. It’s also a place where you can be a part of a team/community, meet friends for life, or simply have a place that you feel you belong… and those things can be instrumental in your development as a player and as a person!! So get out there and find a facility near you and start your journey!!