Today were going to take a swing at HitTrax, the first and only baseball simulator. It’s a combo of analytics and entertainment, and is an absolute Grand Slam!!. HitTrax provides real-time statistics and performance metrics such as exit velocity, launch angle, distance and more. Each swing with HitTrax uses patented technology designed to deliver an unrivaled baseball experience by measuring real-time data and displaying live results for immediate feedback… Players that are using HitTrax are experiencing improvements because they are staying engaged more in the training, and staying motivated to train is such a huge part of becoming a great player.

Metrics and data have become such a huge part of the recruiting game today, and they can’t be ignored. Here is a list of the different metrics that are used when a player is being recruited or evaluated. It would be an awesome idea to find a local Indoor Training Facility with HitTrax and sign up for a session. You will at least be able to get some real data and feedback from an instructor to see where you are at!


Exit Ball Velocity
Distance of Hit
Launch Angle/Elevation
Batting Average
Hard Hit Average
% of Line Drives/Fly Balls/Ground Balls
Spray Charts
Strike Zone Analysis
Performance Trends


Pitch Velocity
Late Break Measurement
Pitch Location
% Strikes
% of Line Drives/
Fly Balls/Ground Balls
Spray Charts
Batting Average Against
Analysis by Pitch Type
Strike Zone Analysis
Performance Trends

HitTrax Tournaments and Leagues

Typically teams are made up of 4-6 players with each game being roughly 20 minutes long. Players typically get 5-7 at-bats in a game, depending on the teams production. Teams use a pitching machine with the speed of the pitch adjusted according to the age/skill level of the players, and the defense is also set to age appropriate levels. The HitTrax gaming module calls balls & strikes, turns inning ending double plays, moves runners, and can score the winning run on a sacrifice fly. Tournaments are typically 3 game guarantee for $200-$250 and completed in one day, they are an awesome way to get 15-20 real-time at-bats in a weekend that you are not playing.  The leagues, vary depending on the facility, are usually 4-8 weeks playing double headers in a session. Maybe the coolest thing is the player ranking per age, both nationally and also locally. Once you have been input into the system your states will measure up against players across the country!!

Click here to get info on upcoming tournaments!!

After checking out this post I hope that everyone tries this at least once!! Even if you are a broke down old man that can take a few hacks without throwing out your back… you should still check this out. It would be awesome for a birthday, a team practice, or overall training experience.

As always please leave an feedback or comments on this topic. Hope everyone enjoyed the insight!! If you have any highlight videos of your player in the game or training, please post them on our Instagram or Facebook page for EVERYONE to enjoy!!